Quality and Safety


Meat Processing Plant "JBB" Import - Export Józef Baldyga is a company whose activity is aimed at producing and supplying sausages and sausage products with guaranteed quality and safety, meeting the expectations of customers and the requirements of the applicable food law.

Achieving this goal is accomplished through:

accurate identification of customer needs and expectations,

introduction, maintenance, development and continuous improvement of the documented quality and food safety management system,

constant ensuring of the proper technical and organizational potential of the Plant,

careful selection of suppliers and improvement of cooperation with them,

continuous improvement of qualifications of employees and work safety.

All employees and associates of the Plant are responsible for the quality and safety of the product, as human health and life are of paramount importance to us. We continually encourage employees and associates to creatively and effectively work together to improve food quality and safety, and to reduce impact on the environment. The basis for assurance of quality and safety of ZPM JBB products is a current analysis of the potential risks of food quality and safety in the production process and proper response.

As the Owner of the Company, I declare my full commitment to the provision of resources and systematic development of the Company's activities and to the implemented Integrated Food Safety and Quality Management System, based on the international standard PN-EN ISO 22000:2006, as well as IFS Food - Standard for quality and food safety audits (version 6, 2014) and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (version 7, 2015).

Józef Bałdyga
Owner of the Meat Processing Plant

Quality certificates JBB Baldyga

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    Own laboratory

    The factory lab was set up in 2002 in concern for the safety of the product.
    It consists of:
    • a physico-chemical laboratory,
    • a microbiological laboratory.

    The laboratory:
    - verifies the quality of meat raw materials, functional additives, spices, packaging and quality of finished products,
    - sets optimal storage conditions and shelf life,
    - monitors the environmental conditions of production: the microbiological purity of production lines and surfaces that do not have direct contact with the product but can cause pollution (eg sewers, walls, clothing and work shoes, protective equipment, etc.) and air in the production halls, which according to the factory standards shall be free of mold and yeast.

    The laboratory has a quality system implemented in accordance with the PN-EN ISO IEC 17025:2005 standard, and from 2014 the accreditation certificate for selected research methods.

    JBB transport i logistyka

    Excellent logistics

    We have a fleet of 50 modern vans - refrigerators. This ensures that our products are transported to wholesalers and stores across the country not only fast but also at the right temperature.